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Iyengar Class


Online Courses

I currently run a number of online courses via my website, Facebook and Zoom, to help support your health. These include fitness, flexibility and mobility; diet and nutrition; sports nutrition and race preparation.  In-person attendance courses are coming soon!

Fitness Class


Find out how core strength can help your movement become more efficient, effective, pain-free and powerful, with these key exercises for both the upper and lower body, which deliver results!


  • increased power and efficiency in your sports performance.

  • relief from pain in your lower back, hips, shoulders and neck. 

  • increased movement in your shoulders and arms, hips and legs.


This online course comprises eight, live video demonstrations, with over six hours of information and progressive exercises.


Delivered via Zoom to registered course attendees, recordings will also be available for those unable to attend live, or to re-watch whenever you want.


In addition, a dedicated Facebook group page is available to share information, ask questions and gain support.



The feeling of muscle stiffness and restricted movement has a major negative impact on our quality of life and performance, whether you’re an elite athlete or just want to move pain-free on a day-to-day basis.

These eight videos, giving over 6 hours of demonstrations and advice, will help you identify the key body stretches relevant to your area of tension and demonstrate how to do these correctly – which can make a real difference in their effectiveness.


With hints and tips to adapt and progress these stretches, as well as how they work together to help avoid injury, they’ll help increase your flexibility and improve your mobility and performance, allowing you to get on with the activities you love most.



Optimise your Immunity!

Help support your immune system to be as resilient as possible: this on-line course teaches you how!


Cutting through the jargon, you'll get expert advice and practical methods to help you stay as healthy as possible in these uncertain times.


This online course comprises eight videos, covering the different roles of the immune system, why and how your gut microbiome influences your health, which foods and supplements can help optimise your wellbeing, and the impact of stress, sleep, body weight and exercise on your immune resilience.  

Delivered by video presentation, each with a summary of key points and downloadable handouts in addition.



Do you already stretch your calves?  If so, how many different ways do you stretch them –  one?...three?  Because, if you only stretch your calf muscles a couple of ways, you’re probably only stretching a couple of calf muscles, not all of them – and therefore setting up an imbalance within this group of muscles. And that can lead to injury…


And if you don’t stretch your calf muscles but feel stiff and sore, or have knee, ankle or foot problems, it’s likely that a few simple stretches will help reduce your discomfort and improve your mobility ….


Calf stretches can also help your blood to flow freely through your lower legs, as they’re a key area for oedema and compromised circulation if we’re not moving enough, or have medical issues relating to operations, blood clotting and medications.


Do you have 10-15 minutes?  Great, because that’s all you’ll need for these calf stretches to to count…and even better, you can access them for free, whenever you want!

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