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A happy, healthy workforce is your greatest asset and underpins your business success. Good health is good business.

Providing a supportive environment to help keep your staff injury-free, as well as encouraging healthy eating and movement habits, can help towards developing an effective, efficient and motivated workforce.

I offer a variety of services, outlined below, to help promote the health and wellbeing of your staff as well as inspiring and motivational public speaking and photo-lectures on ultra-distance racing and goal setting.


Nutritious Meal Plans

Canteen menu analysis, healthy recipes and nutritious meal plans to help boost brain health, regulate blood sugar and energy throughout the day.


Mobility & Flexibility

Advice on incorporating movement during the working day, setting up a safe workplace at home, as well as quick and easy exercise programmes for mobility, flexibility and health


Presentations & Workshops

Staff presentations, workshops and workplace videos to share expert information and advice on staying injury-free at work, healthy eating and snack choices.

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Video by Grafika

These services are bespoke according to your workplace and workforce needs. 


Cultural, religious and personal preferences of your staff are also key considerations in any commercial collaboration, as well as your brand values and company ethics.

'I have just watched your MSD presentation for our SAFEtember campaign and wanted to let you know that it is exactly what I hoped it would be, perfect.

Dave Hill, HSSE Manager, TSG     

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