Core Stability Masterclass


Key Exercises for Efficient Movement, Reduced Pain and Optimal Sporting Performance.

This live, online course is packed full with exercises for:


  • Sports Performance: walking, running, cycling, swimming, hockey, tennis, rugby, football

  • Functional Movement: carrying, bending, standing, desk work, sitting and driving

  • Injury Rehabilitation: pain-relief and freedom of movement. 


Content Overview

  • Core exercises for both the upper and lower body

  • Isolation of specific muscles for injury rehabilitation

  • Neural activation of ‘forgotten’ muscles

  • Functional movements used in daily life

  • Complex motion patterns of sporting performance

  • Exercises progress over the duration of the course


Course Structure

  • 8 video demonstrations (45-60 minutes each)

  • Twice weekly sessions over five weeks

  • Delivered live on-line, via Zoom

  • Mondays and Wednesdays at 6.30pm

  • 8th, 10th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 29th, 31st March

  • Recordings will be available on the website, for those unable to attend live, or to re-watch whenever you want.

  • A dedicated Facebook group page to share information, ask questions and gain support.

Booking Terms

  • Course fees cover all live content delivered on-line, subsequent recordings provided on, and a private group page on Facebook.

  • Recordings will be uploaded as soon as possible after the live session, accessible via the video library on

  • All content will remain available for a minimum of twelve months and can be accessed at any time to suit you, as well as replayed whenever you wish.

  • Feedback, information or questions can be shared within the private Facebook Group. All course members should abide by the Administrator’s code of conduct regarding Facebook group etiquette. 

  • Unfortunately, no refunds can be processed should you decide you no longer wish to continue with the course. 

  • Your email address will be added to my contacts database in order to receive the access link to the private Facebook Group, and receive my emails containing updates, info, exercises and advice (normally monthly). You can unsubscribe at any time. 

  • Information given is general health and fitness advice.  If you have any medical concerns or queries regarding its relevance to you, you are advised to speak to your GP or medical advisor first.  Amanda Heading cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained whilst following this course.

  • By completing the sign-up and paying the course fee, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.  Thank you!

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