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Ashtanga Class

Give those calves some love! Calf stretches that count.

Whether you’re an elite cyclist or sprinter, avid hiker, newbie runner, DIY expert or just want to keep up with your children/grandchildren, your calf muscles are working all the time.


As both dynamic and postural muscles, they’re involved in every action we take, from balancing on ladders, standing and walking; playing tennis, football, rugby and golf; to swimming, climbing, driving the car and chasing the dog! They’re also constantly working at a low level, to maintain our postural alignment.  And because they act both on the foot and knee, they can affect, and be affected by those areas too. 

And if you find that your lower legs swell up a bit or feel stiff and aching after you’ve been sitting for a while, chances are the blood in your veins may be pooling in your calf muscles.


We need to get them moving!

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