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Living Life Well…

We’re finally emerging from two Covid-dominated years and slowly feeling our way back to health.

But what does 'health' mean to you? Is it merely the absence of disease - or is it feeling physically fit, mentally alert, full of energy, positive and calm in thought, and without aches and pains.

Health can mean different things to us all, that's for sure. To me, health is about pro-actively nurturing my body and mind in order to enjoy the things I like doing, now and in the future. 'Future-proofing' my health as much as possible, so I can live life fully: staying active, seeing friends, enjoying travel, continuing to work and engage in the world around me.

Whilst disease is possible, it’s not inevitable. We all experience peaks and troughs of health during our life-stages, but the maintenance of health over our lifespan is key, especially as we’re living longer. Modern medicine, the abundance of food, and relative wealth and comfort will see to that. But does that mean we’re living well, or staying as fit as we want to be?

So - how do we achieve this elusive 'good health'? Wait until we become ill and try to get a GP appointment, or get added to a waiting list? Or, be proactive by delving into the plethora of health, fitness and diet advice that’s out there? But which training plan or new diet should you follow? What supplement to take, what time(s) should you eat, how much alcohol really is acceptable?

Despite all the headline hyperbole and media hype around health, we’re still confused about the best way to actually ‘be healthy’.

My view is that there is no single, best way. There are multiple ways to achieve better health, and each one depends on the individual - their body shape, metabolism, medical history, lifestyle and more.

So - let me remove all the confusion and cut through the clutter to give you clear, evidence-based, actionable direction in helping you find your way to better health.


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