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Calf Stretches That Count

Calf muscles are used all the time, not only when you’re active but they also work to hold the bones of your lower leg in place when you’re standing or sitting. Calf issues or imbalances can be involved in hamstring and knee pain, ankle and foot stiffness and even lower back issues in terms of sciatica – so they really do need some TLC, even if you’re not aware of any pain. It may not sound particularly exciting but effective stretching can make all the difference.

A few months ago, I demonstrated my ‘Calf Stretches that Count’ on Facebook over five days. Don’t worry, it was only 15 minutes or so per day, but they included some really useful little tweaks on the stretches you may already know, but making them especially effective for each one of you.

Here’s a sample of Day 1:

You can access all the videos HERE


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