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Sports Injury


Let's make you the best you can be

Physiotherapy, Nutritional & Lifestyle Therapy from Amanda

Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m passionate about living life well. 


What we look like, how we feel and how we perform is the reflection and sum total of how we’re living our life.  

Want this to be better?  You’ve come to the right place – I’d love to help.


Whether it’s physical or nutritional therapy advice, every session is personalised to you, your life stage, your lifestyle, your goals and at your pace. 


You have one body and one life – let’s make you the best you can be!

Taking a proactive, holistic approach to health, I work on the underlying causes rather than just the symptoms of your body’s imbalances, and help you to understand how your body functions optimally – I’ll introduce you to you!

Whether you want to live without pain, achieve your Couch to 5k or compete amongst the elite, together we can work towards the health, vitality and performance you want.


Green Goodness

Are we really what we eat? 


Or is it how your individual body uses the food and drink you consume?  Clinical nutrition considers all aspects of your diet and lifestyle in identifying the root causes of your health issues, and provides dietary guidance based on your individual needs.


Pain, restriction, tension? 

Injury treatment using a range of therapeutic tools in assessing and treating the primary cause of your symptoms, individualised rehab plans to get you back doing what you love, and proactive treatment to help keep you injury-free.

Sports Injury

I have nothing but praise for this amazing lady! Every treatment for various injuries has worked.  Additionally, I regard her as an overall health promoter courtesy of her vast knowledge of behavioural techniques and nutrition.


Lawrence Ward



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