​Who am I?

H - I'm Amanda, and I'm committed to

keeping your body moving!

I specialise in both injury treatment and

prevention, using a range of techniques

and drawing on over 35 years' experience

as a competitive runner, cyclist and tennis

player.  My 21 years' experience as a 

professional practitioner have given me a

broad understanding of the issues faced not

only by sports people, but also those recovering from operations, illness ageing, and everyday aches and pains. 

It's never too late to get moving, and you're never too old to move! 


Give me a call to discuss how I can help improve your physical

health: 0777 379 6035 . 

Or email me for further information: amandajheading@gmail.com.

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Where am I?


I work from a beautiful location in Matlock, Derbyshire.  Click here for directions and clinic appointment times.





Remote appointments via Zoom during COVID-19 restrictions

Many of you will be in the middle of rehabilitation programmes; others will be experiencing new aches and pains as you and your body adapts to working from home, doing more gardening/DIY, and more (or less) exercise.

I'm still here to help!

Setting up a Zoom appointment has never been easier .

I email you a link, you download Zoom and click on the link.  I can then help with advice, specific to you,

on any of the following:

  • Consolidation and progression of your injury      rehabilitation programme

  • Posture and movement assessment, with regards to doing your exercises effectively

  • Stretching and strengthening add-ons

  • New injury assessment and advice

  • At home self -treatment plan 

  • Rehabilitation plan and exercises, including mobility work and stretches

  • Rehab progression to include strengthening

And of course, help with maximising your

current training/activity to get the best results. 

This includes links to trainers/coaches, pilates/yoga instructors, as well as advice on the timing and

amount of exercise appropriate to you and your

stage of fitness, as well as nutritional support.

Please get in touch if you'd like to arrange a personal consultation on 0777 379 6035. 

And sign up to my newsletter (via email or Facebook) which gives helpful information to keep you sane and active during this challenging time. Stay safe, fit and well.



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