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Breathe Easy

During yoga, your body goes through a full range and variety of motions that can counteract aches and pains associated with tension, lack of movement or poor postural habits. Not only does yoga help you become more aware of your body, it allows you to overcome these imbalances and improve your overall health.

Another key benefit of yoga is that it helps with stress. Accumulation of lifestyle stress can cause your nervous system to be in constant overdrive, making it difficult to unwind, relax and sleep.

Rachael Claxton is a FRYOG trained Yoga instructor and promotes the benefit of correct breathing for numerous health benefits:

“The breath is the most important thing in Yoga; I’m sure most of you will be amazed to know that you’re probably using just one third of your lung capacity. Different breathing exercises practised during yoga, can both energize us or help lower our heart rate, and shift the nervous system into a more relaxed state, helping increased focus and promoting sleep.

Yoga is inclusive and gives everyone the opportunity to participate. It has never been more important to safeguard your health and wellbeing.”

Download some of Rachael’s breathing exercises here: Yoga Breathing


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