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Take 2: Stretching Masterclass (Recorded)

Key Body Stretches for Optimum Movement.


The feeling of muscle stiffness and restricted movement has a major negative impact on our quality of life and performance, whether you’re an elite athlete or just want to move pain-free on a day-to-day basis.


Due to the popularity of the Facebook live course held earlier in 2020, this recorded version is now available for you to access at any time to suit you.  In addition, share posts, feedback and info amongst your fellow Group members on the private Facebook page.


These videos help you identify the key body stretches relevant you and demonstrate how to do these correctly – which can make a real difference in their effectiveness. With hints and tips to adapt these stretches so they’re relevant to each individual’s area of tension, they’ll help increase your flexibility and improve your mobility and performance, allowing you to get on with the activities you love most.


Content Overview


  • Muscles, tendons, ligaments: what’s the difference & why you need to know!

  • Muscle roles & actions

  • When not to stretch!

  • Which are your core muscles?

  • Muscle working groups & neural firing

  • Types of stretching, timing & desired outcome

  • Stretching vs. strengthening: what you need, when you need it.


Key Body Parts Covered

  • Quadriceps & hamstrings

  • Hip flexors & gluteals

  • Adductors & abductors

  • Back, shoulders & chest

  • Shins & calves

Booking Terms

  • Course fees cover all recorded content provided on the private Facebook members group. 

  • All content will remain available to Group members for a minimum of six months. 

  • Group members may also post feedback, information or questions to share within the Group. 

  • All course members should abide by the Administrator’s code of conduct regarding Facebook group etiquette. 

  • Unfortunately, no refunds can be processed should you decide you no longer wish to continue with the course. 

  • Your email address will be added to our email database so that you can receive the link to access the Private Facebook Group and receive my emails containing regular updates, info, exercises and advice. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

  • By completing the sign-up and paying the course fee, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.  Thank you!

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Image by Matthew LeJune

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