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Sport Optimisation Consultation Process

Booking Process

You can book your Sport Optimisation programme online. Payment is required on booking.

Please ensure that you book your first session at least 8 days in advance, in order to allow time for paperwork to be sent to you, completed, and then returned to me for analysis, prior to your consultation.

All necessary paperwork for your consultation will be sent to you via encrypted email within 48 hours. 

Paperwork Completion

Your paperwork should be completed and returned to me at least 72 hours in advance of your consultation, in order to give me time to consider your 3-day food/lifestyle diary in relation to your training and sporting goals, and run it through the Nutritics analysis for detailed nutrient assessment. 

Silver and Gold Programmes

If you’ve booked a Silver or Gold programme, your physio treatment session will take place prior to your separate nutrition consultation (Zoom or face-to-face), in order to include any physical therapy information following your treatment, as well as include your Tanita Body Scan results. 

If you’re new to physio treatment with me, there is a Consultation/GDPR form which should be completed and then brought with you to your treatment, or emailed back to me in advance:



For those choosing the Gold programme, you’ll receive your Athlete Nutrigenomics DNA test (with full instructions) a few days after your booking.  Once the laboratory receives your completed test, it takes approximately 21 days for the results to be returned to me for thorough analysis, along with your Nutritics dietary and Tanita Body Scan results.


All results will then be discussed during a separate face-to-face or Zoom consultation, within the context of your training plan, race/event and fitness level, and include advice regarding appropriate food choices for your specific pre- and post-training dietary needs. 

Bespoke Programmes

For those wanting a bespoke, on-going programme of sports physio, sports nutrition, functional testing and/or assessments, please get in touch with me so I can ascertain your specific sporting needs. 

  • More information about Physio consultations HERE

  • More information about Nutritional Therapy consultations HERE

Hygiene Protocols

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, my hygiene protocols regarding in-person, face-to-face Physio treatments, Nutritional Therapy and Sport Optimisation consultations are as follows:



Payment is required for all Sports Optimisation consultations and programmes on booking.

Bookings can be made online via my website.

Any functional laboratory tests or supplements are charged in addition to the consultation or programme fee, and payment is required on ordering these.  Please speak to Amanda Heading for further details.

Multi-consultation programmes should be completed within the specific time period agreed with Amanda Heading in writing.

Please note that the full Sports Optimisation fee is charged if you fail to keep your appointment or cancel/amend with less than 24 working hours in advance. This applies to a single consultation or a multi-consultation programme.   

Once paperwork has been received by Amanda Heading for a Sports Optimisation consultation or programme, no refunds can be given.

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