Sport Optimisation: Bespoke

Due to the individualised nature of your training, sport and dietary needs, other bespoke programmes can be developed specifically for you. These might include any of the following elements:


  • Bespoke, one-to-one sports nutrition programmes following full assessment of your health and dietary needs, over the course of your training block and leading up to your race or event.

  • Physical therapy treatments to compliment your training, reduce the risk of, or treat, sports injuries.

  • Rehabilitation plans to re-balance your musculoskeletal health or to help speed injury recovery back to full sporting fitness.

  • NUTRITICS dietary analysis applicable to your sport.

  • TANITA Body Composition Analysis.


  • Blood pressure and blood sugar analysis.

  • Testing and assessment of any nutritional deficiencies, gut distress, food intolerances, energy production and needs, digestion and absorption of nutrients, hormonal imbalances and inflammatory or oxidative stress levels.  Functional tests can help determine any suspected underlying issues or to guide direction of your training/race plan, and include a detailed analysis of your results. 

  • Consideration of your training plan including physiological elements (cardio-vascular, strength, flexibility, proprioception) and psychological needs (emotional and mental tenacity), in liaison with your coach or trainer and within the context of your lifestyle demands.

  • Introduction to medical consultants, coaches and trainers for any additional support.


  • Sport Optimisation: Bespoke consultations or programmes start at £150; the final cost is dependent on the elements included.


For those wishing to identify and optimise key aspects of their physical potential and achieve their sporting goals with a truly bespoke consultation or programme.



Further information can be found at: Sport Optimisation Consultation Process

Sport Optimisation: Bespoke

  • Payment is required for all Sport Optimisation consultations and programmes on booking. 


    Multi-consultation programmes should be completed within the specific maximum time stated, or within a time period agreed with Amanda Heading in writing.


    Your Sport Optimisation: Bespoke consultation or programme will be developed specifically to your individualised needs; the recommended elements will be discussed as well as their costs, to ensure you are in agreement with their inclusion and understand the overall fee.


    Any functional laboratory and genetics tests, or nutritional  supplements are charged in addition to the Sport Optimisation: Bespoke consultation fee, and payment is required on ordering these. Any of these may be recommended but their purchase is by no means obligatory.

    Please note that the full consultation fee will be charged if you fail to keep your appointment or cancel/amend with less than 24 working hours in advance. This applies to a single consultation or a multi-consultation programme.  


    Once paperwork has been received by Amanda Heading for a Sport Optimisation consultation or programme, no refunds can be given.

    I do my best to re-book any late cancellation slots in order to avoid charging cancellation fees, but this is not always possible if less than 24 hours’ notice is given. 

    Working hours’ notice is weekdays 8am-6pm and Saturdays 9am-12noon. 

    Appointments booked for a Tuesday following a bank holiday, should be cancelled or changed by midday on the Saturday prior. 




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