Sport Optimisation: Gold

Sport Optimisation combines bespoke physical and nutritional therapy within the context of your sport, training programme and goal.  As an integrated, personalised approach, both therapies identify any weak links within your diet or physical health in order to optimise your performance.


  • All elements of the Silver programme PLUS

  • Professional genotype analysis using a specialist Athlete Nutrigenomics DNA Test Panel. This presents elements of your unique DNA profile shown to affect athletic performance,

  • Full interpretation of results regarding how you train, recover and perform:

    • Train:  tailor a programme that will be most effective to support your cardio-vascular adaptation, strategic fuelling and structural strength

    • Recover: build resilience and reduce injury risk or illness by controlling inflammation, reducing oxidative stress and optimising sleep

    • Perform:  balance stress and stimulation to achieve your personal best.

    • These results will be used within the context of developing your athletic ability in order to achieve your particular sporting goals.

    • These will be discussed during your 60-minute consultation according to your training plan, race/event and fitness level. Results of your TANITA body composition analysis and NUTRITICS dietary assessment will also be included. Training aids such as gels, protein powders, recovery drinks as well as nutritional supplementation will also be discussed.


For those wanting to combine an in-depth assessment of their physical and dietary status with a truly personalised, evidence-based approach in understanding their genetic potential in order to optimise training, nutritional intake and sporting performance. 


Further information can be found at: Sport Optimisation Consultation Process

Sport Optimisation: Gold

  • Payment is required for all Sport Optimisation consultations and programmes on booking. 


    Multi-consultation programmes should be completed within the specific maximum time stated, or within a time period agreed with Amanda Heading in writing.


    Your Athlete nutrigenomics test, NUTRITICS analysis and TANITA body composition scan is included in the fee. 


    Any functional laboratory tests or supplements are charged in addition to the Sport Optimisation consultation fee, and payment is required on ordering these. Any of these may be recommended but their purchase is by no means obligatory.

    Please note that the full consultation fee will be charged if you fail to keep your appointment or cancel/amend with less than 24 working hours in advance. This applies to a single consultation or a multi-consultation programme.  


    Once paperwork has been received by Amanda Heading for a Sport Optimisation consultation or programme, no refunds can be given.

    I do my best to re-book any late cancellation slots in order to avoid charging cancellation fees, but this is not always possible if less than 24 hours’ notice is given. 

    Working hours’ notice is weekdays 8am-6pm and Saturdays 9am-12noon. 

    Appointments booked for a Tuesday following a bank holiday, should be cancelled or changed by midday on the Saturday prior. 




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