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Nutritional Therapy Consultation Process

I currently offer Nutritional Therapy consultations on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Nutritional Therapy consultations and programmes can be booked online.

Please sign up for multi-consultation programmes (Thrive:Reset and Thrive:Optimise) first HERE before booking a date/time for a session.

Please ensure that you book your first session at least 14 days in advance, in order to allow time for paperwork to be sent to you, completed, and then returned to me for analysis, prior to your consultation.

Single Thrive:Optimise follow-up sessions can be booked directly via Book Appointment



Payment is required on booking and all necessary paperwork for your consultation or programme (including your Nutritional Health Questionnaire) will be sent to you via email within 48 hours. 



Your paperwork should be completed and returned to me at least seven days in advance of your consultation, so that thorough consideration of your information, including medical history, medication/supplement interactions, current diet and lifestyle can be made in relation to your dietary and health needs. 


Initial Thrive Consultation

Within your Thrive programme, your initial consultation will take between 60-90 minutes in order to learn more about you, gain further insight into your individual dietary needs and discuss the possible underlying causes of your symptoms, and as well as ascertain your specific health goals.  We may also discuss functional tests which can help guide the direction of Together we’ll develop your first ‘plan of action’ related specifically to your nutritional status and goals.  You’ll have some action points and information to get started on straight away; a summary of the consultation, Health Plan and any relevant additional information/handouts will be emailed within 48 hours.


Check-in Calls

In a Thrive multi-consultation programme, your additional 15-minute check-in calls will be scheduled according to your needs, but typically take place about 7-10 days after your consultation.  These 15-minute check-in calls are vital in helping support you through the changes you’ll be making; moreover, they help your own accountability in following the agreed actions of your plan and help motivate you to succeed in your goals. ​

Follow Up Consultations

Follow-up consultations (45 mins) help to progress your plan by exploring deeper into the root causes of your health issues, address other symptoms, assess your achievements so far and help to develop these into long-lasting new habits.  In a Thrive multi-consultation programme, these will typically be scheduled every 4-6 weeks, but can be more frequent according to your needs. 

Thrive:Optimise Follow-Up Consultations

Thrive:Optimise programme of three follow-up consults, or a single follow-up consult, can only be booked after completing the THRIVE:Reset programme, and by prior arrangement with Amanda.

They can be booked at a time convenient to you, but should be done so within three months of your last consultation.


Check-in calls are included within a Thrive:Optimise programme of three follow-up consults.

What To Bring

You’re welcome to take notes during your consultation so please bring a pen/paper or laptap/tablet/phone.


Please bring any medications or supplements you’re currently taking, as well as any recent test results or medical information which you feel may be appropriate to discuss.

Supplement Review Consultation Form

Following any nutrition and lifestyle consultation, you can then book a Supplement Review within three months of your last nutrition consultation. A Supplement Review form should be completed and then emailed to me.


Payment is required for all Nutritional Therapy consultations and programmes on booking. 


Bookings can be made online via my website.


Multi-consultation programmes should be completed within the maximum time stated (12-15 weeks), or within a longer time period agreed with Amanda Heading in writing.

Any functional laboratory tests or supplements are charged in addition to the consultation or programme fee, and payment is required on ordering these. 

Please note that the full consultation fee is charged if you fail to keep your appointment or cancel/amend with less than 24 working hours in advance, for any reason. This applies to a single consultation or a multi-consultation programme.  


Once paperwork has been received by Amanda Heading for a Nutritional Therapy consultation or programme, no refunds can be given.

Appointments booked for a Tuesday following a bank holiday, should be cancelled or changed by on the Friday prior. 

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