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Personal Hygiene


Hygiene Protocols: Your health and safety is my priority


Following the Covid-19 pandemic, my hygiene protocols regarding in-person, face-to-face Physio treatments, Nutritional Therapy and Sport Optimisation consultations are as follows:


  • Please do not attend your appointment/consultation if you are currently suffering with viral symptoms or illness.

  • If in doubt, please call Amanda on 0777 379 6035 to discuss if treatment is appropriate. 

  • Please refer to my Terms and Conditions for appointment cancellations or changes.


Physio/Sports Optimisation Physical Therapy

Please ensure you bring two medium-sized towels for any physical therapy (one to lie on and the other to cover with).


Please wear a mask for the duration of your session.  You may unhook or remove your mask for any physical therapy treatment whilst lying prone (face-down).


I will continue to wear a mask and apron for the duration of your session, as well as a visor for any treatment given above the shoulders whilst you are lying supine (face up).


Distancing, as far as possible, will remain when face to face and room ventilation will continue.

Nutritional Therapy/Sports Optimisation Nutrition

Please attend wearing a mask; feel free to bring your own water and pen/paper should you wish to make notes.


I will continue to wear a mask for the duration of your consultation. 


Given the amount of communication necessary during the session, removal of masks can be discussed on a person-by-person basis.  Seated distancing will remain as well as room ventilation.


Further information can also be found at the following:



​If you have any additional queries regarding the measures in place, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you prefer to have consultations in the comfort of your home, these can be arranged by phone or Zoom, and are appropriate for:

  • Physio home treatment advice and rehabilitation plans

  • Nutritional Therapy consultations

  • Sport Optimisation Bronze programme and individualised, on-going programmes.​

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